Bethesda Hospital West Boynton Beach,bethesda hospital boynton beachBe Proactive in Your Health Care By Getting a Qualified Second Opinion
Are you wondering if a heart disease diagnosis you were given is accurate? Do you want to know every treatment option for your condition? Would you feel better to hear that a second physician supports your recommended treatment plan?
The Cardiology Associates of South Florida offers knowledgeable second opinions for patients who have received an initial diagnosis of a heart or vascular illness. You can arrange a consultation with an expert cardiologist or surgeon who can give you peace of mind when it comes to managing your heart health and moving forward with treatment.

Why a Second Opinion?
➤ Get confirmation of your diagnosis and treatment plan so you can have confidence in your care.
➤ Learn about alternative treatments that may be effective for you.
➤ Determine if you could benefit from less-invasive treatment options than the one you were initially given.
➤ If you were told that interventional or surgical treatment wasn’t possible, we offer options your current physician may not.
➤ Second opinions may prevent the expense and discomfort of an unnecessary procedure.


Bethesda Hospital West Boynton Beach,bethesda hospital boynton beach
Diagnoses and Procedures
Our cardiology physicians provide qualified second opinions on a variety of diagnoses and procedures including:
➤ Ablation
➤ Aneurysm
➤ Arrhythmia
➤ Atrial fibrillation
➤ Cardiac catheterization
➤ Bypass surgery
➤ Heart failure
➤ Minimally invasive heart surgery
➤ Mitral or aortic valve repair or replacement
➤ Need for cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker
➤ Stents
➤ Valve disease
➤ Other cardiovascular disease